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History of Greenfield Country Preschool in Bakersfield

On September 11, 1989, Greenfield Country Preschool opened its 3000 square foot facility with only 6 children.  In 1993, we expanded to the 10,000 square foot facility it is today with up to 124 children.


Like many first time expectant mothers, Gwen Haskins was torn between career and the desire to be a stay-at-home mom. With a background in child development—Gwen, along with her Father David, a local plumbing contractor, decided the ideal solution was to build a preschool.


With David and Jean owning 2 ½ acres on South Union Ave., and Gwen spending 2 years researching, drawing plans and obtaining financing—their dream was becoming a reality. With plenty of help from family, friends and a caring community, Gwen and her husband Kent, and David and Jean literally built the day school with their own hands from the ground up.


Our specialty preschool classrooms are designed with Plexiglas windows and cameras to create a safe and secure environment for the child, and peace-of-mind for the family. Parents are always welcome to sit and watch the monitors to see how their children are interacting in the classroom with teachers and peers.


Miss Gwen still acts as School Administrator, and Mr. Dave and Miss Jean, now retired, stay active with the grocery shopping and handyman work. Greenfield Country Preschool has matured throughout the years since our opening in 1989, and we are proud to have played an instrumental role in the growth of Bakersfiled's children.

Personal Message from Miss Gwen

Gwen Haskins, 23 years Administrator, and Traci Myers, Director, 10 years
Gwen Haskins, 23 years Administrator, and Traci Myers, Director, 10 years

I truly had the best of both worlds. I achieved my dream of owning a business, and I had my boys with me every day. With our boys grown now, we’ve come full circle. The kids of yesterday are now parents themselves, enrolling their own children in Greenfield Country Preschool


We are so blessed and fortunate.

Our Preschool and Daycare Center's Purpose and Goals

The purpose of the Greenfield program is to provide a complete Preschool and Daycare Center that will benefit...




For the Child

Young children learn best by playing and being directly involved in experience, especially when they can initiate and choose their own play activities. There are numerous concepts children must master to achieve later success in academic, language, physical and social skills—but most importantly, a child must have self-confidence and feel good about themselves.


Our goal is an opportunity for the child to explore and express themselves through activities of their own choosing such as art, science, music, books, language development, dramatic play, blocks, climibing and manipulative play.


For the Parent

To provide opportunities to meet with and work together with the teachers, who share in the common concerns, interests and needs of their children.


For the Community

To help meet the needs of the community for an early childhood educational facility, contributing to the wholesome growth and development of our future citizens. To provide a setting where people of various religions, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds can work together harmoniously.