Listen to what parents say about Greenfield Country Preschool

From Jacquie Williams, a 4th grade teacher at Palla Elementary

Greenfield Country Preschool



Greenfield Country Preschool has a fantastic outdoor environment for every age group. Children are in fact separated by age group as well which means their physical, emotional, and educational individual needs are being met. They are learning social skills at their level as well. The school itself is always clean, safe and being updated or serviced.



As a full time working parent, I can say that leaving my child with strangers for the first time was indeed traumatic. However, at Greenfield the caregivers/teachers were getting to know our family even before my son’s first day. Bonds were immediately established through communication both verbal and written. In a very short time my little guy was reaching for his caregiver and eager to get out of his carseat.  As my son got older he developed a relationship with every single one of his teachers. He adores them! For that reason, I adore them!



Most importantly my son has learned valuable social skills. I love that he is being exposed to Pre-K skills even before it is necessary. What a boost to his academic career! Greenfield Country Preschool students even get to go on field trips!



“My favorite is my teacher and my friends, and my snack, and my artwork, BUT not my nap! My other favorite is I know my letters”, Logan (4yrs)


I have been in education myself for 20 years and I will say that Greenfield Country is everything I want in a preschool/daycare. The teachers and staff have been incredibly supportive of my son and family through every stage of my little guy’s development. Their knowledge, understanding and expertise are invaluable to me.


~ Jacquie Williams