Greenfield Country Preschool

7690 South Union Ave
Bakersfield CA, 93307


Greenfield's Afterschool Activities

There are lots of fun activities for older children at Greenfield Country Preschool, the perfect place to settle-in afterschool while parents are still at work. At GCPS, you'll always know that your children are safe, secure and in a welcome environment where they can continue to learn and grow.



Our afterschool teacher is always available to help children with their homework, class studies, and making their deadlines. Parents are always welcome to discuss their child's progress upon pick-up.


Indoor Activities

There's plenty to do indoors at GCPS with a variety of board games, reading, Wii, Karaoke, and Bingo. Kids will often make up dances and perform them for the preschoolers and there's even a Play House, where children can dress up and put on plays.


Outdoor Activities

Children have a blast on our Giant Jungle Gym, or any of the other outdoor activities from which to choose. We have baseball, basketball, volleyball, kickball and in the summer time, water play activities.


Free Fridays

On Fridays, children can bring special games or electronic games from home to play with their classmates. Be sure to label your games and check with your child to make sure they ride home with you.



Snacks are offered to children upon immediate arrival afterschool, and again around 5:30 p.m., for the kids who remain until closing time to get them through that late afternoon slump before dinner.


After School Transportation

Available TO and FROM Valle Verde Elementary School

All Times of the Day to Accommodate Different Schedules

Greenfield Country Preschool opens its doors at 6:30 a.m., so parents are free to drop their children off before they go to work and we'll put them on a bus to Valle Verde Elementary School to arrive in time for their first class.


Afterschool, the bus will drop your children back at our door, where you can trust that your child is receiving the best possible care. We can accommodate varying arrival times during our business hours, so you never have to worry about half days or unique schedules.

Greenfield's Summer Time Childcare Program

During holidays and summer vacation, Greenfield Country Preschool is available for all-day care from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., with fun activities to keep your children active and entertained throughout the day.


In the summer, we plan different Theme Weeks, so one week the theme might be Cooking and we'll learn techniques and preparations for some kid-friendly meals. The following week we might deem as Community Services Week, where we'll have firemen or police officers visit the school with their age-specific messages.


We'll also take field trips to the movies, bowling, or to the library to check-out books for summer reading and quiet time, or getting a jump on the new school year.

Growing Up Greenfield

Greenfield Country Preschool Founder and Administrator, Gwen Haskins, built the school on the foundation of family, from the perspective of a parent and the experiences and education she wanted for her own children.


Like so many other members of the community, Gwen's own 2 boys grew up at Greenfield Country.  Her oldest, James, is now 29, married and a Kern County Fireman—and Brian, 24, a sailor in the U.S.Navy.


Greenfield Country is the perfect fit for families with multiple children of all age groups. Under one roof, you can receive all of the care and support your child needs with convenient one-stop pickup at the end of the day.

Former student/current parent testimonial

I have been a part of the Greenfield Country Preschool since the very first day that they opened.  My brother and I were two of the six kids attending that first day back in 1989.  I have great memories of attending and am very glad that I am able for my children to be a part of such a GREAT preschool.  It is a top notch facility with a very caring staff and a true family atmosphere.  I can't think of a better place to start my children's education.
~ Ryan, Kandi, Ashlin and Kash Simpson