Greenfield Country Preschool

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Greenfield Country Preschool Students

Infant and Toddler Classrooms - 6 to 24 Months

We understand that leaving your child for the first time can be a very dramatic,  emotional experience.  You want to know that they are in a nurturing environment in which you can maintain 100% confidence in your childcare choices. With our loving and caring staff, we have designed a program to meet the needs of the parent and most importantly the needs of your child.


We feel the most important aspect of our program is the communication between you and the child care provider.  We offer our complete assurance that your child will be nurtured, loved and prepared for the next stage of their development process.

Infant and Toddler Teachers:

Lupe Correa-14 years, and Joyce Smallwood- new teacher 

Parent Testimonial

Greenfield Country Preschool is a wonderful facility. My daughter, Sarina, has attended GCPS since she was 6 months old.  It has become her home away from home. I know my daughter enjoys going to GCPS because she gets so excited every morning on our way to school, her face lights up as soon as she sees her teacher Ms. Lupe, and she practically leaps from my arms into Ms. Lupe’s arms every morning. I feel comfortable leaving her at GCPS while I am at work. I can call at any time and stop by whenever I have a break just to check up on my daughter. I love the big windows that allow you to watch what’s going on in the classroom. Almost every day when I pick Sarina up, I watch her playing and interacting with the other children and the teacher(s) in her class. At the end of the day she is happy to see me but she also loves her class and teachers so much, she will hold onto Ms. Marissa for a minute before she leaves with me. Having a child at a preschool can be difficult as a parent because you worry about missing all the milestones that your child goes through. I have been blessed that Sarina’s teachers have kept me informed and shared pictures and videos with me which makes me feel I am right there with her throughout each day. I am so thankful to have the opportunity for my daughter to attend this wonderful preschool.

~ Chris and Rachel Lantay

Infant and toddlers:  

Marissa Menendez- 6 months, Roselyn Reyes- 8 years, and Eva Avalos- 3 years

Our 2 Year Old Classroom

Through each age in your child’s development, there are different stages in which they must advance. Though there are predictable milestones your child will achieve, each child’s experiences are uniquely their own. Most 2 year olds play independently, everything is mine and they don’t like to share.


Curiosity abounds in the mind of a two-year old, and our teachers work wonderfully with each toddler on an individual basis to help them explore and discover the infinite world in which they live—ever present with an attentive answer awaiting the other end of the persistent “Who, What, When, Where, and Why” questions.


This is also the age where the 2-year-old will use their words to begin forming sentences as they begin understanding more about vocabulary. Frustrations can run high when communication efforts get lost in translation, but with the proper guidance, support, and encouragement—tantrums will be kept to a minimum, though you may still want to leave that security blanket, just in case.


Potty TrainingGreenfield Country will introduce potty training to your toddler with involvement from the parents to make the shift from diaper to potty seat an easy transition. With consistency, patience and encouragement your child will master potty training in the timeliest manner possible.

Meet Our Two-Year-Old Teachers

Angie Sierra-1 year, and Maria Macias- 8 years

Meet Jaylen DeLeon, age 2 year

My name is Corina DeLeon and I love GCPS.  I have a 2 1/2 year old who currently attends GCPS and a five year old who attended for 2 years.  The staff is so welcoming towards the parents and loving towards the kids.  My son R.J. loved GCPS and was sad to leave for kindergarten.  Thanks to GCPS my son is the smartest child in his class.  He reads at a second grade level and is doing 1st grade math.  He left GCPS with an abundance of knowledge.  When he showed up at kindergarten he already know his ABC's, colors, shapes, his numbers, writing both lower case and capital letters, how to spell his first and last name and he could count.  His teacher was and still is very proud of him and said she know he had been "worked" with.  I just had to let her know that it was the wonderful staff of GCPS that gets the credit.  Not only is my son an excelled student, he is also well disciplined.  GCPS instills in the children how to share, get along and respect each other.  Having my kids in GCPS also helped with their shyness.  My kids are so outgoing and sociable.  It seems everywhere we go they make a new friend.  GCPS is the perfect place for children!! You know a school is great when the children love it.
 ~ Corina DeLeon and Family, March 21, 2012

3-Year-Old Classroom

At this stage independence is setting in.  They want to do everything themselves and learn through exploration.  They want to pick out their own clothes, and what I want I want it right now! We will see them playing more with a group rather than by themselves. We encourage independence by having them make choices for themselves.


The 3-year-old will begin to engage in conversations and enjoys learning, understanding and using new words. Their pronunciations and grammar also improve at this age.


These children are more receptive to learning, which is the perfect time to prepare them for the Pre-K Class. We begin introducing manipulative toys to help develop hand-eye coordination, daily repetition of colors and shapes, as well as alphabet letters and numbers.

Three-Year-Old Teachers:

Crystal Vega- 5 years, and Brandy Fonseca- 14 years 

Parent Testimonial

We have loved GCPS since our daughter attended in 1994.  Now our granddaugher makes GCPS her part-time home.  The staff are loving and attentive.  We feel safe and cared for.
 ~ Ken and Susan Chichester