Greenfield Country Preschool

7690 South Union Ave
Bakersfield CA, 93307


Greenfield Country Preschool Offers a Pre-K Class

In compliance with Greenfield School District, we abide by the Houghton Mifflin Alpha Friends curriculum. Our goal is to have your children feel secure, prepared and confident when they transition into Kindergarten, while providing a safe and nurturing environment in which to learn and grow.


The four-year-old lives in a world of imagination and new experiences. We feel children learn best in a hands-on environment where they can have fun learning through play, group interaction and creativity. Children begin honing their cognitive and creative skills, while learning important social skills. As they discover varying emotions, our teachers demonstrate how to resolve conflicts in positive ways.

Pre-K Curriculum

Each week we study a different letter of the alphabet, with our week's activities corresponding to that letter.


Example:  The Letter “A”


All children will have an art activity. They might marble roll on an airplane, make applesauce, or have a flannel story board with different colors of apples, etc.  We reinforce the alphabet letter in as many ways possible so the child can make clear associations that will stick with them as they go on to learn the next letter.

Pre-K Teachers:

 Terri Watson- 11 years, and Rosa Garza- 13 years

Amazing Athletes

Amazing Athletes visit our Pre-K children once a week to get them motivated and moving. They learn all about a variety of different sports with a briefing on benefits, rules, and techniques before engaing in the sport with other children. During the summer, afterschool children are welcome to join in.

Meet Kimberleigh Payne, age 4 1/2 years old

I love GCPS, my daughter loves it.  Kim has been there since she was a baby, now she's about to graduate preschool.  Every day I can go to work and know, really know, she is safe, well cared for, and learning important educational and social skills. Every morning she's excited to go to school.
 ~ Dyann Payne and Family, March 2, 2012